About me!

My name is Richard Cake; I have been casting at fish for over 35 years.

It has quite often been said that I was born with a fishing rod in my hands!

I have fished my way through chalk stream trout to beach fishing for cod, & of course living so close to Weymouth, one of the largest charter boat fleets in England I have to fish a few charter boat trips a year.

  My PB Bass caught on a lure from the shore - Ireland - 11lb 8oz 

My PB Bass caught on a lure from the shore - Ireland - 11lb 8oz 

I have had the pleasure of bass fishing in France to fishing the Atlantic surf beaches of Co. Clare, Eire. My fascination continues with the sea and casting plastic or metal into the water to fool the fish!

I would almost say that I have an addiction, to try and build the ultimate lure rod. Everyone’s choice of 'plugger' will most probably be different, whether for open sea or into the rough water of the rocks.

The summer not only sees me heading to the coast but in land to the tranquility of a summer lake. Carp stalking or feeder fishing for bream, I was lucky enough when growing up to have a couple of lakes behind where I lived, this made the perfect after school getaway! Bubble float, crusty loaf of bread……carp on!

The winter sees the return to the river in the hunt for chub, again the loaf of bread comes into its own, worms or slugs on the tip would have to be my favourite way of fishing for them.

I find it hard to just say that I only fish for one species or one discipline of our sport; I fish sea, coarse & game.


I love fishing!

I have a great passion for angling and associated aspects of our great sport. I can never pass a stretch of river or coastline without wondering what fish swim beneath. I have fished the coast of Dorset for over 25 years, rivers & lakes alike.

Trout or carp, bass from the surf, each section of angling with its own tools of the trade. Lying at the roots of fishing is the rod, humble in its making from the days of cane to modern design & technology used today to give us the most up to date materials.

I only use top quality materials in the build or repair of fishing rods, products that I can rely on and trust to do the job intended. From the brands of Pacific Bay, Fuji, Bullard, Harrisons, St Croix to Matagi in Japan. Dependent on your requirements my ultimate aim is to provide you with a personal service and give you a custom rod to cast and be proud of.