Early morning session, bass!

Up and out early this morning to a local mark for a chance of bass.
At the beach and fishing by 4am in the dark as the light is starting to lift. The start of the early light was clouded over, until the sun broke through a good few hours later.

The 1st bass of the morning was the biggest at 50cm.

It didn't take long to get into another after a quick move and change of lure, and this is how the morning progressed, change & move, change & move. 10 bass in total & 2 mackerel.

IMA - Sassuke 140

Tackle House - Contact Node 150S

Lucky Craft - Gunfish

Tackle House - Feed Shallow Plus

Complete mix of lures used today, you'll see the new Okuma Trio high speed FD / size 40. The rod is one of my own 'Specialist Lure', 9ft rated 10-50g.

Quite a few of the fish this morning were hooked in the body or below the eyes with the other flying trebles that weren't taken in the mouth.