There have been a few more trips out since the last one reported in May, but not much in the way of fish catches to talk about. A few pics of smaller fish & a great take from a gar of the top, 2nd of the year so far on lure!
Loads of mackerel caught on single lures (no 4 hook rigs). Never gets boring fishing for them and the fight they give right to the end. Never touch them if they are to be returned, a quick flick and of the hook they go.

As said nothing big! lol.
The bass are slowly moving in this way in Dorset, the water has got so much fry swimming around in it.
The lures that caught in these pics are:
The Lucky Craft Sammy & Gunfish.
One of my favourites so far this yaer for it's versatility is the Smiths ZipSea Penn, the one 2nd pic up from bottom in AYU. This lure is great to work just below the surface with a drop in rod angle or lift to walk and jerk across the surface.
All of these fish were caught on the DFR 10ft 6', 8-28g rod range.
Rods also available in 8ft 6' & 9ft 6' casting 8-28g. They are in harmony with the Matagi components, Pac Bay minima guides & T-Russell blanks from Japan.