Last few trips

Since the last report a few more trips out have been taken.

Fish caught, yes!

20th July 2011 - Nothing big though, all around a couple of lb, with the odd one going to 4lb.
The Feedshallow has paid off again in producing the takes, along with my first use of the OSP Rudra 130sp.
The OSP casts with no problems and in the colour I have (shad), it has an appearance in the water of a sands smelt almost. The action is good with working it as a jerkbait, wind, stop, pause & jerk, this allows the flanks of the lure to roll and act more natural.

The above picture shows the Rudra.

The feedshallow above is extremely worn, it doesn't take that many sessions to show the paint work fading on the lure. From new, I now coat all my lures in a clear resin to offer some protection & add to there life span.

26th July 2011 - This was one of those early morning sessions with so much hope!
Well the hope faded fast after a couple of early morning schoolies & mackerel.

What a difference a day makes!
I know the day before it was producing all through, couldn't get out though! The wind switched and along with it the fish to. Apart from the early couple of small schoolies and mackerel the day finished early and back for breakfast.