Best of season, so far!

This report is from the 28th July, yeah I know a bit late!
A trip to the eastern end of the normal fishing marks proved the right choice. I was all set to meet up with Mark Padfield & Joe Sepi (Lure Fishing For Bass), but the wind and weather changed the night before which gave way to a visit to the area we ended up at, (right choice Mark, Marks idea).
Northerly winds & a small tide didn't give the most hope, but you've got to keep fishing! A good 3 mile round trip from the car to fish.
Great day for a walk!
Well , great day to be fishing, a golden ticket. My best of season at 64cm / 6lb, another one of around 2.5lb off the top. Hooked and lost another off the top then ran out of water on what would have been a PB! One hell of a splash and hump/spines up and out the water at my Gunfish. A good 8lb fish, missed chance, but next time......
Mark had 3 bass to 4.5lb, Joe had 6 bass, a couple at 60-62cm (6lb).
Almost forgot the wrasse & pollock, lost count on those!
A custom painted Feed Shallow took the bass below, and off the top work was done with the Gunfish.

Joe & I went again the next day.....2am alarm, long, long walk in the dark to find the wind had swung again. This time east...........No bass, just macky & non-stop pollock.