Ireland October 2015 - chasing bass on lures.

Autumn bass hunt on the Copper Coast.

Richard Cake - DFR custom rod builder with a 74.5cm prime Irish bass weighing 9.9lbs

With one trip already cancelled this autumn, we set about making the decision to go again. Winds and weather looking good so the ferry was booked. 2 days later and the weather played against us and changed 180 degrees to less favorable conditions!

This has to be one of the funniest and most enjoyable trips I've been on, laughs all the way to the end...........What makes a trip like this, good company when the fishing is hard, the proverbial piss take out of every member (if you can't take it, don't give it!) and some good fish.

Martin had bass to 6lbs, Mark had bass to 7.2lbs and Steve caught his new pb at 7.3lbs. Steve was also the angler who caught the most fish, top angling buddy.

Ireland 'loved' me again with a prime autumn bass measuring 74.5cms and weighing 9.9lbs, I just love this place!

Only Martin has caught himself a bigger bass in the UK this year with the rest of us catching bigger bass in Ireland, hence the reason we go there chasing bass on lures. There were a few fish hooked & lost and we all felt for Martin as we saw his rod have a savage take and the rod went over into a large weight on the other end only to be lost a short while after, this would of been a big bass on the other end!

Between us plenty of bass from 4lbs, 6lbs and 7lbs and my 9.9lbs beauty.

Steve - new pb of 7.3lbs.

One of Martin's fine bass

Mark with a 7.2lbs bass.

As always we have a little side bet.......terms agreed. Team Dorset (Mark & I) & Team SWAT (Steve & Martin). 5 euros on the biggest bass & 5 euros each on the longest fish from each angler in the team combined, Team Dorset taking the money this year!

With winds changing from south west, going to north west then swinging to the east it was a hard trip that gave us all some bass. The rain gave us a soaking and the strong winds sand blasted the skin, a great trip none the less with plenty of laughs.

Cups of tea and new tackle from Cian at Absolute Fishing in Tramore along with a couple of meals at the local curry house in the evenings when not fishing.