A quick session whilst the weather allows......

Myself with a plump Dorset bass, Black Fiiish Minnow caught.

Finally a chance to get out and cast a few lures again chasing bass.

A first light meet up with Marc from Cornwall and Mark (Dorset Bass Guide) saw us take in 3 different marks to find some feeding fish at different states of tide. Bass caught by all of us in November so happy with this especially as 3 fell to surface lures.

Mark Padfield with a fine Dorset silver.

Quite a lot of the water around at present is coloured so it's making the most of the areas that can give some clarity and find the fish.

Gunfish 117 doing the business.

New blank testing is underway!

Back last year a few plans were made about designing a blank for the UK bass angler, so after approaching a couple of companies who couldn't do what I was asking for I finally found one! Talking and testing with Mark Padfield (Dorset Bass Guide), we are a step closer and almost there with the blank that will be ready for next year. Yesterday gave us some great results, slim, lightweight and punching above its weight; what more could I ask for! Casting the lighter range lures down to 6g, then hitting out the likes of the large Patchinko  and other lures at 28g without even the hint of not being able to take it. With strong winds yesterday it was ideal to give it a blast and test the feel when the extra casting weight was required. Bouncing the Black Fiiish Minnow gave all the feedback that I had hoped for through the tip showing every twitch and move the lure made along the bottom; working surface lures was effortless. So much more I'd love to say, but at present I have to keep something under my hat!