Recent events!

Don't know where the time has gone since coming back from Ireland, well the children and summer holidays have taken up most of it!

Fishing: Anyone reading and using World Sea Fishing Forums (Bass Section) will know that we have had a few events and raffles to raise money for the Geraint Rhys Richards Trust, one of these being a meet for bass anglers along the Dorset coast. Fishing was hard but almost everyone caught. No big bass on the day but it was a great opportunity for people to meet up and put faces to forum names. A big thank you to all who attended and Mark Padfield (Dorset bass Guide) for arranging this one.

Repro (forum name WSF) 

I've had a few trips out on the bass with lures from the shore and a few trips out on the boat. The cod have been around in good numbers from the boat and have started to move inshore along the Chesil Bank.

Myself with a cod from a recent fishing trip.

Spring tide fishing for Mark Padfield and myself, a couple of nights ago we headed out, tides were looking good and the weather forecast seemed OK......But as with most plans the weather changed on us! I had a few off the top and the wind altered what could of been a good nights fishing. Mark took a few from the surface then had a nice 60+ cm fish to top it of, along with a few more.

Mark's 60+ bass. (please excuse the photo quality! The fin sideburns suit him though)

Locally along Chesil beach - Good numbers of cod now showing, gurnards, bream (small) and the first triggers have made there presence. A nice catch for a friend last weekend was a cod on a hard lure while fishing for bass. There are still a few rays about but the numbers and size of them has reduced from what they were a few weeks ago.