New Website

I'm now full-time rod building, Dorset Fishing Rods has been growing over the past few years and it has enabled my family and I to have a change in life style.

The web address remains the same and you can find a fresh, informative new website that is easy to navigate.

There is a new contact form, telephone or text me for a callback.

A new email address:

Everything is up to date with the latest information, including new pages for:

Bass Lure Rods  

Boat Lure Rods


Hard Rock Fishing

Light Rock Fishing

Freshwater Lure Rods

I'll spare you the continual links and allow you all to have a click through the site.

A new feature with the format is the Blog, it is attached to the website to save going elsewhere. I will keep the blog up dated with new rod builds, fishing reports and anything else that I feel relevant.