LRF – Light Rock Fishing Rods

LRF rods/blanks are ultralight and sensitive. They can be rated from 0.5g up to 7g max. 7 g’s is at the top end of the scale, on average LRF rods will be rated up to 5g or 7g. The lengths vary from 6ft to over 8ft. The actions can change from the build in the blank from x-fast to moderate, moderate being a lot softer.  

The higher rated rods/blanks around 10g are more in line for casting of small soft plastics, small hard lures & jigs.

I keep a few LRF blanks in stock ready to build your custom rod and others are available to order (please contact me for full details of other blanks that are not listed below).

LRF Blanks

LRF 6'9"

  • Length 6'9"

  • 2 piece put over joint

  • Lure rating 4 grams Max

  • Line rating 4lb Max

  • Fast action

  • Solid carbon tip

This is a great blank for a rod to be fished in and around harbour walls / pontoons where you are restricted and needing that shorter rod to ‘poke’ in and around tight areas. It is an excellent rod for both salt and freshwater light fishing.


LRF 7'4"

  • Length 7'4"

  • 2 piece put over joint

  • lure rating 5grams Max

  • Line rating 6lb Max

  • Ex-fast action

  • Solid carbon tip

More in line with the standard length of LRF rods, this rod will give you coverage for virtually all of your light lure fishing needs.


LRF 8'4"

  • Length 8'4"

  • 2 piece spigot joint

  • Lure rating 7grams Max

  • Line rating PE1.0 Max

  • Ex-fast action

  • Solid carbon tip

This is an upgraded blank that has a slightly higher line rating where you may be looking to target a larger stamp of fish but using the smaller / lighter lures.


line rating caution

It’s not all about the mini species but by balancing your kit, right rod, right reel with correct line and right lures, you are set to go.

LRF rods have line ratings on them for the lb or PE mono/braid or fluorocarbon to use, what does it mean?

The rod/blank is set to have a top rating before it will fail and ultimately break. For example; your rod is line classed as 2-4lb, if you use 20lb braid and tighten the clutch on your reel, pull back into a fish on your rod something will break! More than likely the rod!!!!

Using the right line with a rod will keep your setup balanced and in the end will help your fishing.
The line ratings on your rod are there for a reason as are lure weights, these are maximum weights, so please balance your tackle and take note of the ratings.