Rebuilds & Repairs

At present only rods built by DFR are being taken on for repair or rebuild.

Repairs and rebuilds carried out on: freshwater, beachcasters, boat & lure rods.

With repairs and rebuilds a lot of my time is spent on carefully removing old components before the new build stage can start. This is very time consuming and and will be reflected in the cost.

We can carry out the simplest of repairs from replacing a broken guide to changing reel seats.


Full Rebuild

Full rebuild service available; this is a complete strip of all materials (guides, reel seat & grips). If required the blank can to re-coated then the new components can be built back on to the blank to your specification.


Partial rebuild

Partial rebuild this is a removal of old guides and new guides built back onto the blank.

Reel seats and grips can be changed; cork, eva or shrinkwrap for grips.


Please find below a rough guide on costs, please contact me for an individual estimate.

Prices per rod:

  • Full cork handle conversion - From £90 (full length cork, DPS seat and collars)

  • Full eva handle conversion - From £80 (full length slim eva, DPS seat and collars)

  • Full shrinkwrap conversion (deluxe flock or xwrap) - From £80 (full length shrinkwrap, DPS / DNPS seat & collars) 

  • Strip and re-wrap guides - From £65

  • Rod decal personalisation - From £15

  • Single leg guide replacement - From £8 + price of guide

  • Double leg guide replacement - From £10 + price of guide 


Please contact me for an estimated price for a full strip and blank re-coat, this price varies on type of rod.