Reviews and Testimonials



“It’s built on a T-Russel Super Sea Bass blank with the reel seat length custom fitted to my specification, the guides are super lightweight, made by Pacific Bay and the aesthetics are all my own design , utilizing both cork and foam for the handle. Its a dream for presenting hard lures at distance or bumping a Fiiish Black Minnow down estuaries.”
“If there is another specific method that to me is so incredibly well suited to using a good 9’6’’ lure rod, it’s bumping something like the Fiiish Black Minnow along the bottom in current. Yes, you might well use any other kind of paddletail/jig head combination, but it’s the Black Minnow for me because time after time it works for bass, and this 9’6’’ DFR rod is just sublime for blasting say the 120mm/12g Black Minnow out, letting it hit the bottom and then fishing a controlled sink and draw as it trundles down the current in an estuary. I can feel everything, and like with trotting a float down a river for roach on a long coarse rod, a bit of extra length feels like it’s helping with the whole process.”

”it’s seriously worth getting hold of Richard (check Dorset Fishing Rods on Facebook as well) and asking about various custom build options and of course the growing range of rod blanks he can provide. It’s outstanding that somebody with Richard’s knowledge and skills is working to provide UK lure anglers with gear like this, and I take my hat off to him. “
Rookie Bass Angler
“I was mightily impressed by how attentive Richard was to every tweak change and alteration I made during the build process – I am sure I was a pain in the backside but I was determined to get a rod built exactly how I wanted it.”
“Because of the increasing popularity of light weight or weightless soft bait fishing (x-layers, spindle worms, slugs, etc) I decided to get myself a suitable rod for this new specialism in bass fishing. After some considerable research and several interviews with material experts I came across Richard from Dorset Fishing Rods. Richard, like most readers of this article, is a passionate bass and lure fisherman and also a recognised expert in the field of rod building.”
“Richard’s 9ft6’’ is a rod that so badly need to fish with before you come close to making up your mind. As an out and out rod for casting and blasting all manner of minnows I reckon it’s one hell of a rod. It bends with you to assist on the cast, but it then recovers so incredibly quickly.

First off I am going to have to say how awesome I think that Richard builds his rods, and through the course of the week I really came around to those ultra-lightweight Pacific Bay guides that he likes to use. Sold completely, to the point that if I ever get a lure rod built from blank or indeed rebuilt I am without doubt going to have these rings you can see above put on. They just make perfect sense to me, and especially the fact that they weigh so little. And believe me when say that I had almost already decided that I was not going to like the guides (rod rings) because they were not Fuji K-guides. How wrong was I again. These Pacific Bay guides seem to be fantastic. I very much like the fact that Richard himself is a lure fishing nut, indeed by his own admission he has a growing problem with nice shiny lures. That makes two of us. Plus a whole lot more anglers as well !! We all need help.”
Hooks, Lines & Sinkers
“As luck would have it a few months back I was introduced to Richard Cake of Dorset Fishing Rods based near Dorchester. Richard’s rod building is a small operation but encompasses all manner of rods for different angling disciplines. The thing that drew me to Richard above anything else, aside from the good things I was hearing and reading about his rods, was the fact that first and foremost he is a lure fisherman who could very likely relate to what I wanted from a custom built lure rod… was this too good to be true?”


A small selection of email comments. 

A lot of rods are collected in person and it is always great to see the satisfied customers. Many thanks to all who have supported Dorset Fishing Rods.

“Received the rod today and I am well pleased with it. You have done a superb job. I look forward to catching my first bass on it as it looks like a decent fish will put a fair bend in it.
Once again, many thanks on a superb job.“
— Graham S.
“It’s bloody brilliant, I suspect it will fish well too. When I get to the coast I will take some pics and submit a full report.....Think I may need some more.

Thank you very much “
— Myles M.
“I would like to say thank you very much for the fantastic lure rod you made for me last May. I caught more Bass last year than I have ever had before and the rod was brilliant.”

The build quality of the rod is excellent and it has only suffered a few minor scratches due to my clumsiness!”
— Dan C.
“I’ve just got the rod and its stunning, looks really good mate, can’t wait to get out and catch a few fish on it.”
— Andy B.